Dive Line Stopper (Pink)

Fortis Stopper is specifically designed to mitigate catching of safety lanyards and is hydrodynamic to make your line recovery easier after a long dive session!



Traditionally freedivers would use a tennis ball to serve as a lanyard stopper. However, a lanyard sometimes gets snagged either with the top portion of the tennis ball where the line passes through the ball or the lanyard gets wrapped below the tennis ball. Definitely not what a freediver is fond of dealing with when on a deep PB dive! Furthermore, using a tennis ball requires heavy taping, and necessitate removal of some/all other equipment, such as a dive plate and line brake, off the line prior to installation. What a headache! Let’s make the use of tennis balls for lanyard stoppers a thing of the past!

Dive Line Diameter: 10mm-12mm

Additional information

Weight 213 g
Dimensions 305 × 267 × 102 mm