Freediving & Spearfishing Wetsuit Drying Hanger (Black)

The Fortis Wetsuit Hanger is the first dive hanger specifically designed for rapid and thorough drying of two-piece freediving and spearfishing wetsuits.



The Fortis Freediving Wetsuit Hanger minimizes your clean-up time after a long day of diving with it’s unique patent pending design that provides unmatched breathability to dry your freediving or spearfishing two-piece wetsuit faster! Easily set your wetsuit top or pant on the dive hanger and it will keep your suit open to accelerate simultaneous drying of both the inside and outside surfaces. Quick, simple and easy!


  • Rapidly dries a wetsuit top or pant with passive air drying
  • No need for noisy and power hungry forced air heaters to dry your wetsuit
  • Mitigates the need to turn your wetsuit inside out to thoroughly dry both inside and outside surfaces
  • Minimizes wet areas inside your wetsuit that can promote mold & fugus growth which may be potentially harmful to you and the wetsuit material
  • Unique suit holding method that is easy on wetsuits and minimizes any ugly compression creases from drying that you would otherwise get with traditional wetsuit hangers


  • Compact and foldable – Great for travel
  • Swivel hook to accommodate drying location
  • Works well on both lined and smooth skin wetsuits of all thicknesses
  • Constructed with durable thermoplastic polyester and extensively drop tested
  • Many colors to choose from
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 213 g
Dimensions 305 × 267 × 102 mm