Happy Face Freediving Bottom Plate (Pink) – 12mm Dia. Dive Line

A high quality dive plate that will always keep you and your dive buddies smiling!  



Benefits & Features:

  • Visual aid to notify the diver is nearing the end of the dive line
  • Mitigates potential diver allision with line end bottom weight
  • Double secure directional line locks prevents the plate from shifting up and down the dive line
  • Vibrant colours for high visibility even in the lowest of light conditions
  • Made from a thermoplastic polyester with excellent strength and durability for the harshest of marine environments
  • Plate top surface is sloped with openings to reduce drag and aid line retrieval after a tough line diving session
  • Plate outer dimension: 200mm
  • Dive line diameter: 12mm

Both 10mm and 12mm line diameters and many other colours are available!

Your purchase will help support further development of new unique freediving products!


Additional information

Weight 213 g
Dimensions 305 × 267 × 102 mm